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Mineral Eyeshadow Reveiw: Bare Escentuals

bare escentuals id shadow
bare escentuals shadow

I am a pretty big fan of mineral makeup, so I thought I would review some different mineral products this week.With eyeshadow, I look for a product that has good coverage and pigmentation. One that I particularly like for these characteristics is Bare Escentuals – Glimmer Eye Shadow. I own glimmer shadow in both Nude Beach and Desire.

Bare Escentuals glimmer shadows are well pigmented, but the shades I own are fairly light in color (the company also makes shadows in darker colors). I have found that they have very good staying power and don’t tend to crease. Because of the light colors I chose and the amount of shimmer involved, I tend to use mine more as a highlight color instead of as an all over lid color. The shadow comes loose in small pot. Because it is loose powder, something I do not recommend doing is dipping your brush into it and going straight for your lids from the pot. A little of this stuff goes a long way, so you will have too much on the brush! My solution has been to dip the tip of my brush in and tap the shadow into the lid, then I coat my brush from there. Another trick is to use mineral shadow wet (simply use a moistened brush). This intensifies the color and provides a different look.

Nude Beach is a nice natural light taupe color, while Desire is a light peachy pink tone. Both are on my list of all time favorite eyeshadows and are a couple of the best mineral eye shadows out there.

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