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Jane Shimmer Mineral Blush

Jane Mineral Blush

Yesterday, I reviewed Jane Be Pure Mineral Makeup. When I made that purchase, I also picked up a Jane Shimmer Blush in Natural. As with the mineral makeup, this too is a good value product. Bascially it provides a very light, sheer, neutral to pinkish shimmer that I find works quite well over matte cream blush. Or use it alone for just a bit of tinted highlight. Jane makes the same product in darker shades as well.

For those looking for a cheap sheer shimmer, it is worth checking out. Just keep in mind that it is quite sheer. Although labled as a blush, I view it more as a sheer shimmer powder that is best used to compliment another product.

Update: Jane cosmetics are getting hard to find and I suspect that they have been discontinued. For replacement ideas, look at the comparison shopping link below. I also tend to like e.l.f Mineral Blush quite a bit and it is very inexpensive.

Comparison shop for Mineral Blush

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