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Benefit Cosmetics Realness of Concealness Kit Review

I have been discovering a number of new favorite products lately, with one of the best surprises being the ability to discover several all in one box. Benefit’s realness of concealness kit contains small versions of several of Benefit’s most popular products, all in one cute little package.For general concealing, the kit contains lemon aid and boi-ing.

Benefit’s lemon aid is a light yellow skin tone corrector developed for use on the eyelids. It does a great job of covering up red areas and evening out skin tone, especially on my very fair skin. It also works very well as an eyeshadow base. The only issue I had with it was that it didn’t spread quite as well as I would like. I have read suggestions for the full size version of putting it under an arm for a bit to warm it up and make it spread easier. Sure enough, on a warm day where I did not turn on the air conditioning, it spread much better. So keeping it on the warm side is a useful tip for using it. I also have used it under my eyes and put a bit of boi-ing over it. I’m not sure how darker skin tones would adapt to this product. It does cover red well, so it might still useful on darker skin if a darker concealer is placed over it.

benefit cosmetics kit
benefit cosmetics concealer kit

Boi-ing is a standard brown tone concealer. The kit provides it in medium, which I thought would be too dark for me, but I find that it works fine on my pale skin if I put a bit of lemon aid under it. This concealer covers well, and spreads a bit better than the lemon aid. I like it quite a bit. Benefit sells boi-ing in three shades.

Also in the realness of concealness kit are three tubes consisting of high beam, ooh la lift, and lip plump. I am hooked on ooh la lift! This light pink cream has just a hint of shimmer to it and is supposed to give your eye area a cooling lift. It does have a bit of a cooling tingle that I like, but I don’t notice the lift part of it so much. Instead, the reason I like it so much is that when put over a bit of boi-ing, it makes for a really good light reflecting under eye concealer. Ooh la lift makes my under eye area look great! I will be purchasing a full size version of this product and using it regularly.

High Beam is a highlighting cream in a pinkish shade that works very well to highlight various areas. The shade seems to be pretty universally flattering. I have been using it on my upper cheekbones and on my brow bone and like it just fine.

Finally, the kit contains lip plump. This lip primer is OK. I’m not enamoured with it and likely will not purchase a full size version, but I also don’t dislike it and will use up the little tube in the kit. Light brown in color, and fairly thick, lip plump provides a decent base for lipstick. It takes a bit to dry and is a little sticky until it does so, which is something I tend to lack patience with. I can’t say that I noticed any plumping from it.

Overall, Benefit’s realness of concealness kit is a great way to try five of Benefit’s popular products all at once. It also is a nice way to have a bunch of concealing and luminating products all together in a convenient little kit. It would be great for travel.

You can buy Benefit online at a number of locations, including directly from the Benefit website

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