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Review: CoverGirl Advanced Radiance Cream Foundation

Covergirl advanced radiance review
CoverGirl Advanced Radiance Foundation

CoverGirl has a new line of cosmetics, the Advanced Radiance Collection. I became curious when I spotted it in my local CVS store and saw that the advanced radiance cream foundationcontained the same N-acetyl glucosamine and niacinamide complex that is in Oil of Olay Definity. In fact, the lid actually says “Olay ingredients” on it. There is also a standard Cover Girl Advanced Radiance Makeup(pictured), which contains niacinamide and Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3 (matrixyl). Because the combination of N-acetyl glucosamine and niacinamide has been shown to have some success in treating melasma and hyperpigmentation, I was immediately intrigued. So of course, out came the credit card and I went home with yet another moisturizing foundation that I really don’t need! Generally, this foundation is serviceable, but I was not overly impressed and in hindsight I wish I had purchased the standard foundation in the pump dispenser instead of the cream.

Although the product is marketed as a cream foundation and comes in a jar, I found the consistency to be about the same as a regular foundation. That is fine, but at that point, I would rather have a bottle or pump dispenser so that I can put it on a makeup sponge. With the jar, I have to dip a brush or fingers in, and I tend to prefer initially using a sponge. It had been a long time (many years actually) since I used a CoverGirl Foundation because I used to hate how their foundations smelled like Noxema. I was quite happy to note no unpleasant odors with this one.

The foundation goes on smooth and blends fine. Coverage is medium. It is quite moisturizing, which normally I want, but now that summer is here, my dry skin has turned to oily and this foundation just didn’t work with that. I will have to save it for winter. I also found that it didn’t seem to last as long as I would like and I applied something else half way through the day. Whether that was because I was bit oily or not, I’m not sure. In the end, the cream foundation just quite didn’t cover as well as I would like and it didn’t last very long. I am also rather disappointed in the 10 SPF rating. I would rather see a minimum of SPF 15.

Overall, this might be worth a try for those with dry skin, but I like some other moisturizing foundations better. For a couple of examples, look at my reviews of Lumene Revjuvenating Makeup, and my comparison of Revlon and Estee Lauder Moisturizing Foundations.

Also, if you want to get the benefit of an N-acetyl glucosamine and niacinamide complex, try Oil of Olay Definity, or you can purchase it to add to your favorite cream or lotion (or maybe even foundation?) at Skin Actives Scientific, which is a great company that I really need to get around to writing about!

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