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Review: Vita Amazonia Gels, Nutri Complex C, Hydra Complex C, Eye Gel, and Linden Plus Gel

Vita Amazonia has a wide variety of skin and hair care products. Something they do that many other companies don’t is offer various products in a gel form. I like the idea of using gel to deliver active ingredients such a vitamin C. People with oily skin often wish to avoid creams, and while serums can be nice, it is often easier to apply a gel product. I recently tried three Vita Amazonia gel products and generally was happy with all of them.Vita Amazonia Nutri Complex Vita C is a light gel that contains vitamin C and Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA). This acts as an antioxidant and exfoliating combination and works well as a light night treatment. I found that the gel was soothing and non-irritating, and if I didn’t have a bit of dry skin a the moment, I would happily use it in place of my regular night cream. I think it would be a good product for anyone with oily skin who would like to try a combination product such as this without having to put a heavy cream on. Because it is a gel, it does have a factor that frankly all gel products tend to have – it is a bit sticky until it dries completely. Fortunately that does not take long.

Vita Amazonia Hydra Complex Vita C, SPF 10 is a day version of the vitamin C gel. Vita Amazonia described its Hydra C Complex in their literature to me as follows: “Containing a silcon form of Vitamin C and Moist 24, a synthetic substance from the cactus ‘Imerata Cilindrica,’ this unique product will deeply hydrate the skin, helping to fight the action of free radicals and restoring radiance and vitality to skin.”

I found that the Hydra Complex gel was indeed a bit moisturizing, but I wouldn’t describe it a feeling like a “deep” moisture. Instead, I would recommend this product to those with oily to normal skin who are looking for a gel based product. For some serious moisture from Vita Amazonia for those with dry skin (and perhaps for those with normal and combination skin as well), I recommend Vita Amazonia DMAE and Matrixyl Creams.A product I just loved was Vita Amazonia Gel for the Eye Area. I have noted before that I am a sucker for cooling eye gels and Vita Amazonia’s gel fits right in with that. My bias toward such thing aside, this is a quality product for a couple of reasons. First, it feels great, and for a gel product it dries quickly with less stickiness than often seen with this type of product. Second, it contains isoflavones and extracts of Iris Florentina and Licorice, which helps the product moisturize and lighten with some antioxidant protection. It is a nice combination of ingredients. I have been using this product often.

Finally, Vita Amazonia Linden Plus Gel is a great gel for irritated skin. It is formulated to soothe and is perfect for after shaving, waxing, or irritating procedures. I used it on an area that got a bit irritated from my use of Renova (Retin-A) and found that it felt great. It also would be wonderful for treating sunburn, but you aren’t going to get sunburned and need it for that are you?! I am going to preach this all summer, and am managing to do so twice today: Please wear your sunscreen!

I have previously reviewed Vita Amazonia DMAE and Matrixyl Creams, and some Vita Amazonia hair products. I have a couple of more products that I tried and I will post about those next week.

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