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Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending the BlogHer Conference in downtown Chicago. The conference had around 800 in attendance, with more attending in Second Life, and was the largest blogging conference to date, regardless of gender. Attending provided a wonderful opportunity to meet a wide variety of interesting people, including a couple of women from the Beauty Blog Network, and to acquire some very useful blogging knowledge. I attended mostly technical sessions, but also went to one on storytelling for a change of pace. The food was great, as was the location. A few of the most interesting or fun highlights:

  • It was a joy to meet Erika, publisher of the site Makeup Bag, and Christina from B5 Media and eBeautyDaily.
  • Erika and I shared a table at the cocktail reception with Laurie from Not Just About Cancer. Laurie is a really fun woman with quite an interesting story. Check out her blog for some reading that really is not just about cancer!
  • At the vendor tables, I learned about something I really had no clue was a problem: Cough syrup abuse in kids and teens. Check out FiveMoms.com.
  • Conferences such as these can provide some great leads on upcoming projects. At BlogHer, I enjoyed gaining insight about an upcoming new website that sounds quite exciting. Visit TotalBeauty.com for a sneak peak and to sign up for release information.
  • I got lots of swag! I have a few things I saved aside and am going to add to for a reader giveaway. Keep an eye out for that in a week or two!
  • I also shared a table with Carol Lin of Carol Lin Reporting and talked to her a bit about online communities. I kept thinking she looked really familiar and wondered where I might have met her before. I noticed later that she is a former CNN Anchor.
  • The best session for me was on blogging workflow tools and tricks from the women behind the hugely popular blogs Engadget.com and LifeHacker.com. They have most of their links to a variety of useful tools on their Blog Tools Wiki, which is well worth looking at if you are a blogger.

The conference was a great experience. I am already planning to attend again next year!

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