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New Beauty Technology: Using Cell Phone Photos to Receive Makup Color Recommendations?

Check out this online article from Scientific American about upcoming technology for the automatic recommendation of makeup colors from your cell phone: Coral Lipstick—It’s You! Or So Says a New Cosmetics Algorithm.

According to the article, Hewlett-Packard has developed an algorithm that will allow cell phone users to snap a photo from the phone and then receive specific recommendations about makeup shades. The results are sent via text message and the process takes just seconds. The technology will become available when Hewlett-Packard announces the cosmetics company that it is partnering with.

There is no word yet on who that cosmetics company is. Nor is there info on how it will be made available or what it will cost. I am quite curious to find out. I also am a bit skeptical about it really working, but according to the article, women who tested it were pleased with the results. Stay tuned…..

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