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Review: Epil-Stop Hair Remover and Neutralizing Wash

Epil-stopAfter seeing magazine ads for Epil-Stop Silky Creme Hair Remover, Cosmopolitan Berry Scent, I ran out and bought it thinking that perhaps there would finally be a decent smelling hair remover. I was wrong.

Unfortunately, this stuff does not smell at all like a Cosmopolitan, or like berries. Instead, it has that same old  chemical depilatory smell and perhaps smells even worse than most. I also did not have great results with it. It says it should work in as little as three minutes and no more than eight. I gave it four minutes on the first try and it didn’t do much. I gave it 7 on the second and it left my skin very irritated, and still also left spots of hair.  And my hair isn’t particularly course or hard to remove. Nair has always worked fine for me in about 5 minutes, with minimal irritation. Nair also smells bad, but not as bad as this stuff. So needless to say, I threw out the rest of the can of Epil-Stop and won’t be buying it again. I also can’t recommend it.Epil Stop NEutralizer

I fared better with the Epil-Stop Perfect Finish Neutralizing After Wash, which is kind of an interesting product. This body wash is designed to neutralize the irritating chemicals in the hair remover that can stick around on your skin after rinsing. It also is supposed to turn pink when the chemicals are still present so that you know when they are still there. I only had a sample of this and I used it up the first time I used Epil-Stop. My skin did not get really irritated that time, while it got very irritated the next time, so the neautralizer might have worked. But I also left the Epil-Stop on longer the second time, so that is not entirely clear. The neutralizer also did not really turn pink for me, or not enough to see well anyway.  I also put it directly on some of the Epil-stop before I rinsed it off and it still barely turned pink. So I am skeptical about that claim with the product. As a basic wash though, it seemed fine.

One thing I did find from the whole experiment: Vita Amazonia Linden Plus Gel really does soothe post depilatory irritation!

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