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Lancome UV Expert SPF 20 Sunscreen With Mexoryl SX

Lancome UV Expert MexorylA Sunscreen that I had long wanted to give a try is Lancome UV Expert SPF 20 with Mexoryl SX. I finally got around to doing so!

Mexoryl (chemical name ecamsule) is the first new sunscreen approved by the FDA since 1988. It helps cover short UVA rays, which can account for a good amount of skin damage, yet are not generally covered by other chemical sun filters. When combined with other sunscreens, it can provide a product with full spectrum protection. Mexoryl is claimed to be very photo stable as well, although I have seen mixed reports on that. Essentially, I don’t trust it to be as protective as a good physical blocker such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, so I recommend reapplication after an hour or two despite some claims to the contrary. Lancome’s UV Expert combines Mexoryl with other chemical filters and titanium dioxide. Thus, it contains both chemical filters and a physical blocker. Together the product provides full spectrum protection that lasts over a decent amount of time.

I really like the feel of UV Expert. It is lightly moisturizing, but not overly so, and does not feel greasy in any manner. It also spreads very well, so a little goes a long way. I found that I use about half the amount of UV Expert compared to the the amount I use of various drugstore brands. The sunscreen has no unpleasant scents and does not leave any sort of white tint behind.

Lancome UV Expert has become my sunscreen of choice for day to day wear. When I plan to be outside for a lengthy period of time, I still go for something with a greater percentage of physical blockers. But for my daily drive to work, or when out running errands, UV Expert is perfect.

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