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Review: Everyday Minerals Mineral Makeup

Everyday MineralsAfter receiving a recommendation, I gave mineral makeup from Everyday Minerals a try. I had pretty good results and was also pleased to see that they provide samples for the cost of shipping.

I purchased samples of the mineral makeup in matte and intensive formulas. That package included a concealer that as far as I could tell was the same as the intensive coverage makeup. I also received a sample of blush and bought a selection of eye shadows.

I was pretty happy with the makeup. When I reviewed bareMinerals from bare escentuals, I had problems with bare minerals being too shiny for me. I had less of that issue with the Everyday Minerals. However, there was still a bit a of shine involved and I notice that mica is an ingredient. It generally was not enough to bother me though. I found that the regular matte provided an average to slightly sheer amount of coverage. The intensive provided a bit more cover and would be my permanent choice because I want to cover areas of melasma and hyperpigmentation. The matte could not quite do that. I think that overall, bare mineral from bare escentuals covers a bit better than even the intensive, but I like that everyday minerals is less shiny.  It also is quite a bit cheaper.

The blush and the eye shadows were quite nice. I tend to like just about every mineral shadow and blush that I try, and these were no different. They were well pigmented, lasted a long time, and were nice shades.

Everyday minerals offers a huge variety of shades in warm, cool and neutral tones. I found that the fair shades are also very, very fair. It isn’t often that I find something that is way too light for my already fair skin, but I found it here. So if you are one of those women who can’t find makeup that is light enough, the fair shades of everyday minerals just might be what you are looking for! The company offers sample packs consisting of your choice of three shades of makeup, a concealer, and a blush for the cost of shipping. So it is easy to try out some shades before committing to a full purchase.

Everyday minerals is free of preservatives and fillers. So those who avoid things like parabens and bismuth will want to check them out. When browsing the company’s website, I also came across a page comparing ingredients that shows the ingredients of both everyday minerals and other brands of mineral makeup.

Overall, I was happy with Everyday Minerals. They provide a nice selection of  products at a pretty good price.

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