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SFRx Age Defying Complex from SuperFoods RX

SFRx Age Defying ComplexSFRx Age Defying Complex from SuperFoods RX is a potent vitamin C serum and is also one of my favorite new products. From the company behind the popular and well regarded book, Super Foods RX — Fourteen Foods That Will Change Your Life, The serum provides a good amount of stable vitamin C and a lot of antioxidant power.

I am a pretty big fan of vitamin C, both for its antioxidant properties and because it can be useful in the treatment of melasma and hyperpigmentation. I also prefer to deliver it to my skin in a serum. So I was excited to try this product. In addition to vitamin C, the SFRx Complex contains pomegranate, green and black tea, and panthenol, along with other natural ingredients indicated for skin care (also apparently from their list of “super foods”).

The SFRx serum is packed nicely in a bottle with a twist up pump. This allows for easy packing and carrying without worry about making a mess. Turn the top and the pump snaps up. Turn it again and it snaps down. Packaging genius!

The serum itself feels oily, but as far as I can tell, it does not contain ingredients of concern for acne prone skin. I also had no problems with breakouts using the product over a two week period. If anything, my acne improved while I was using it. The oily feeling also provides a nice amount of moisture, and I found that I could use the SFRx serum before bed without using a night cream over it. For day use, it absorbs fairly quickly, but not immediately, so it isn’t the best to put on if you want to go straight to makeup from the serum application.

The serum also causes quite a bit of tingling and a heating sensation when it is applied. It contains sweet pepper, so that may be part of the reason for the heating sensation. Vitamin C will also usually cause a tingling sensation. It was pretty strong with the SFRx Complex, so people with sensitive skin might want to proceed with caution.

My skin was visibly improved within a matter of days from using the SFRx Age Defying Complex. My skin was brighter, well moisturized, and I had less acne while using the product. Used in combination with my regular skin lightener (the skin brightener from skin actives scientific), I found that I got a bit of extra lightening of my melasma, which was a nice bonus. I certainly got more from this product than I have gotten from the other vitamin C products I have tried. As a result, the Superfoods SFRx Complex has become part of my regular skin care routine.

The Super Foods RX website is currently offering a free trial of the SFRx Complex

Update: The free trial requires a subscription of sorts, and you will be charged if the product is not returned within 30 days of the shipping date (note that is the ship date, not the date it is received, and the item must be returned).  Please see the comments for complaints about this process. Because of the comments, I do not recommend the “free” trial, or I suggest that it not be considered a true free sample of the product.   

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