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Vanicream Sport Sunscreen SPF 35

VanicreamSunscreen week continues today with a look at the number five product from the Sunscreen Database for safety and effectiveness, Vanicream Sport SPF 35. Vanicream advertises that it goes on clear and is appropriate for use on the face.

Vanicream contains micronized zinc oxide and octinoxate for full spectrum protection. It is fragrance free, and free of parabens and other preservatives that can irritate the skin in people who are sensitive to them. Of the cream products (I will be reviewing a powder later this week), I think Vanicream is my favorite. First and foremost, I like the full spectrum and longer lasting protection that comes from physical blockers. Next, Vanicream does indeed go on with very little white tint. What there is absorbs almost immediately. It is not oily and there are no odors. My only concern is that when my skin gets drier that I will want to moisturize first because this product does not act as a bit of a moisturizing agent the way other sunscreens often do. But that really isn’t much of an issue for me since I tend to like to use a separate moisturizer anyway.

The upshot with this one is that people with oily skin might particularly like this one. If you have drier skin, you might want to try one of the products that adds a bit of moisture or moisturize before applying the sunscreen.

I initially provided an Amazon.com link for the product. Derma Doctor also has it. Overall, if you are looking for a highly effective and cosmetically friendly sunblock for general use, this is an excellent choice!

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