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Dr. Bragi Marine Enzyme Skin Care

Dr. Bragi Skin Care EnzymeThe skin care formula from Dr. Bragi is pretty interesting. This skin care gel contains a marine enzyme, coined “penzyme” for “penetration enzyme,” formulated to provide anti-aging effects by deeply penetrating the skin.

It is advertised to provide a broad range of anti-aging and moisturizing effects, and it is quite expensive, although a little goes a long way in terms of use. I tried the product for a couple of weeks and like it as a product for dry skin.

When I first began using the gel, it was still rather warm and humid here in Illinois and my skin was still rather oily. The gel itself feels pretty oily and I wasn’t keen on wearing it at that time. This is not to say that it will cause breakouts or issues with oily skin. I didn’t experience any. I just don’t like a lot of extra moisture when I’m already pretty oily. At those times, I go for a light moisturizing sunscreen and call it good.

My skin is rather schizophrenic, so once some dry air hit and my skin turned dry with it, I tried again. On dry skin, the gel is very moisturizing and soothing. I imagine that it would be pretty darn effective as a moisturizer on even the driest of skin.

Where I really liked it was under my eyes. As an eye gel I absolutely love the stuff. It softens and plumps up/smooths out the lines quite well. It makes for a quite expensive eye gel, although it would last for a very long time with that use. I justify spending money on Creme De la Mer to use as an eye cream that way.

Information about the Dr. Bragi formula can be found at the link above. I have also seen it available in the Bliss Spa catalog.

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