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M.A.C. Zoom Lash Mascara

MAC Zoom Lash MascaraM.A.C is featuring its zoom lash mascara in its blue storm collection, but the mascara is also available as one of M.A.C’s regular products.

If you want length, this is pretty good stuff. I got longer lashes with it than with any other mascara I have used. “Zoom” is certainly an appropriate name! The black shade is very black and the effect was quite dramatic. I also seemed to get a decent amount of curl from this mascara, which is uncommon for me even with mascaras that are advertised as curling.

On the downside was that the brush picked up a lot of the product and I had to be very religious with the wiping before use. Even then, I tended to get some clumping. To be fair, I do tend to run into clumping with many mascaras that have a large brush and/or seek to thicken lashes, and at times I think this is something unique to me. But I did also notice that I was wiping a lot of excess off the brush before use.

Overall, I liked the mascara because of the dramatic effect, as long as I was pretty careful with its use.

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