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Neutrogena Illuminating Microderm Cleaning Pads and Pond’s Exfoliating Clean Sweep Toweletts

I had high hopes for Neutrogena Illuminating Microderm Cleansing Pads, but merely found them to be OK.

Neutrogena Illuminating Microderm Cleansing Pads
These cleansing pads are little round cases that you hold by slipping your fingers inside. One side is textured for exfoliating and the other is a plain cleansing pad. The pad also contains a bit of soapy cleanser. I really didn’t find the exfoliating side to be very effective. It felt a bit like it was scrubbing, but not much. I admit though that I like a pretty strong scrub. Regardless I can exfoliate much better than the neutogena microderm pads by using a scrub or simply with a rough washcloth (which is a great trick for cheap exfoliation). The cleansing side was too small for makeup removal and I found the whole thing to be a bit too soapy for my tastes.  There wasn’t a ton of soap, but with such a small pad, I had to use quite a bit of water and a separate washcloth to wipe it all off. 
Ponds Exfoliating Clean Sweep Cleansing Towelettes
I much prefer the Pond’s Exfoliating Clean Sweep, Cucumber Cleansing Towelettes. The Pond’s Towellettes are large enough to provide decent makeup removal. I also like that while they contain some cleanser, it isn’t too much. I would much rather add my own than have too much to begin with. The exfoliating side of the Pond’s towelettes is rough enough that you can feel it scrubbing, yet also pretty gentle. So between these two products, Pond’s definitely wins!

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