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Benev Skin Care Vitamin C GelI recently tried four samples from the Benev Skin Care line: Pearl Cleanser, Eye Cream, Hyaluronic Cream, and my favorite, Vitamin C Gel 20% .

The Benev company aims to use pure and highly concentrated active ingredients for positive effects. I was quite happy with samples that I tried, particularly the Vitamin C Gel 20%, which is a good example of using a high concentration of active ingredients for effective results.

The Benev Pearl Cleanser is gentle and moisturizing. It removed my makeup well and was not drying in any manner. I would happily continue using this product.

The Benev Eye Cream was also perfectly acceptable. It felt good and was lightly moisturizing. The promotional literature that I received with it stated that it contains chrysin, an antioxidant that reduces under-eye circles. I am unfamiliar with chrysin and so I can’t speak for the efectiveness of that ingredient, but the cream itself feels nice.

I  was also happy with the Benev Hyaluronic Cream. Hyaluronic acid is a wonderful moisturizer and I am a fan of any moisturizer that focuses on it. This one is no different. It feels great and moisturizes well. Unfortunately many of the best creams focusing on hyaluronic acid are expensive, although I do love them!  

My favorite was the Benev Vitamin C Gel 20% and I have a hard time stopping myself from raving about this one. I flat out love this stuff! First off, it has a good concentration of vitamin C, when so many other products claim to have it, but actually contain very little. Second, and this is the best part: The Benev Vitamin C Gel contains silicons, so the product also acts nicely as a line filler and makeup primer. If you have ever used a silicon primer such as Smashbox Photofinish or DHC Velvet Skin Coat, the Benev Vitamin C Gel feels about the same and works in the same fashion. I absolutely adore the double duty aspect of it and think that the company should play that up more!

Overall, this is a nice line of products that is well worth checking out.

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