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Lint-On-The-Go Sheets

Molly dog
See that dog? That is Molly. No, she really isn’t crazy, she just appears that way.

See all that black hair? That is crazy. It falls out of her at about the same rate that she is running in that picture. I also have a golden retriever. She sheds a lot too. That means the the black clothes are coated in blond hair, and the white and tan clothes get the black hair. I used to have a white cat as well.  Anyway, my life is rather…. hairy….

The upshot is that I am always trying different lint remover products. I have tape rollers all over the place, yet never can seem to find one when I need it, and they are rather large to slip into a handbag. So when asked to try Lint-on-the-Go Sheets, I was certainly curious!

These little individual sheets are quite handy. To use, simply slip your hand under the clear plastic on one side and then peel off the backing on the other. That provides a nice square of tape to use to pick up lint and pet hair. I found that they work quite well, although for pet hair, I had to use several sheets (those dogs really do shed a lot). I use several sheets with a tape roller too, but that doesn’t pack well, so these sheets are quite nice for when you want something compact along.

The sheets can be purchased at lintonthego.com

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