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Pur Minerals Under Control Mattifying Gel

Under Control Pur Minerals Mattifying GelI was pretty impressed with the Pur Minerals Mattifying Gel for Oily Skin. I had a sample of this product sitting around for some time, and go figure that I was fairly oily during that time and forgot to give it a try! But as things turned out, on a day when I was a bit oilier than I would like, I found the sample.

The cream/gel has a light tint in the tube, but basically goes on clear. It blends in quickly,  and it does a pretty good job as a mattifier. I often find that mineral makeup doesn’t quite absorb oil the way I would like, so I tried it underneath some mineral powder makeup and it did indeed make the difference. Where the powder alone would not have cut it, using Pur Mineral’s Under Control kept the oil from coming through.

The air will be keeping me dry soon, but until then, I am going happily use my tube up on the oily days.

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