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Star 50 Handbags Are Historical, Unique, and Fun

50 States Handbags MississippiStar 50 Handbags center on a fun and unique design concept. Each bag is based on a state specific theme. Browsing through the bags reveals quite a selection of various styles, each with unique features that draw from the representative state.

There is not yet a bag for each state. The designer has several releases each year, with around 5 states in each release. So I get to wait a bit for my childhood state of Nebraska and current home of Illinois. I am curious to see what they are like!

Regardless of whether your state is represented yet, there very well might be a bag for you already in the collection because the handbags cross a number of different styles and colors. For example, I have no specific connection to Wisconsin (well OK, I really love their cheese), but I don’t need a connection to the state to like the look of the Wisconsin Porter bag.

As another example, I recently sampled the Mississippi Brunch Bag and found it to be a great little handbag, coupled with some fun packaging. The bag arrived with a View Master Viewer (remember those?) and some slides of the other bags in the collection, which I thought was a very fun touch!

The bag itself is well made and has a nice vintage look and feel to it. I was particularly impressed with some of the design features, such as a patent leather flower on the front, patterned stitching on the outside, a thick fabric handle with a nice woven fabric liner underneath, and a cute inside liner based on state flowers. The clasp is sturdy and everything is well put together.

This is a quality bag for the price and has the bonus of being interesting and unique. Instead of always carrying the same bag or style as everyone else, check out the 50 state bags for something that will stand out in the crowd!

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