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Cosmetic and Makeup Palettes Make Great Holiday Gifts!

Women (and some men) generally love to receive cosmetics as gifts. But purchasing them for another person can be rather intimidating. Cosmetic Palettes can provide an answer. Since any given palette will hold multiple shades, a good palette will usually have something for everyone. When in doubt, aim for the more neutral shades, which will look good on most skin tones. Or sneek a look at the recipient’s makeup and look for a palettes with similar types of shades.

Also, don’t worry too much when giving palettes. People who love makeup tend to love to experiment. So while a person might not buy any given palette for themselves, they will happily sample the shades in one that comes as a gift! Below are some of the types of palettes available for varying people and circumstances:

For the cosmetic newbie or experimenter: For a person who loves to change things up, or for one who is just getting started with makeup and still learning what she likes, Sephora and Ulta both make some supersized palettes. Both produce OK cosmetics– they are not top of the line or the best pigmented, but they are serviceable and provide a lot of bang for the buck. These are particularly good for teens who might not yet appreciate the more expensive cosmetics, but who will love the huge selection.

Sugar Cosmetics I Dream of Makeup Palette
My favorite in this category is the Sugar I Dream of Sugar Make-up Palette (above). This palette provides a nice array of usable colors in a neat fold up container.  Sugar lip glosses also taste great!Another of my favorites is the Sephora Piiink So Belle Multi-Use Make Up Palette. A similar palette that is a bit more varied and neutral is the Sephora Brand Beauty Fever Palette. At $25, each, they are a pretty good deal. For a mega huge palette, also look at the Sephora Blockbuster Palette.

For the Natural look/Neutral Makeup Lover: If the recipient tends to go for a minimal makeup look or wears a lot of neutral muted tones, she might appreciate a palette of beautiful light neutral shades:

Stila Cosmetics Perfect Face Kit
My absolute favorite for anyone who loves a natural look or for one who likes a base of neutrals highlighted with something like a favorite red lipstick, is the Stila The Perfect Face Kit (above). This palette is also a safe choice for many, especially those with fair skin, because it provides a nice base that can be dressed up as desired. Another favorite of mine for its neutral brown shades is Too Faced The Mini Quickie Chronicles The Sure Thing.

For the person who loves color: If you know your recipient loves brightly colored makeup or loves to try out new things, but you don’t want to go overboard on outrageous shades, take a look at the Urban Decay Ammo Shadow Box Palette (below). This one is just muted enough to please many, but also has enough pigment and a few colors with extra oomph to also please the person who likes a lot of color.

Urban Decay Ammo Shadow Box Palette Makeup
Another nice one that provides a mix of both neutral and colorful shades is Sugar The Perfect Day Eyeshadow Palette.

For the connoisseur: For that person with expensive tastes who has it all, go with Chanel or Dior. The Dior Detective Chic Eye Palette comes in an attractive Dior case that many would buy for that alone. I love Dior shodow and love the specialty cases even more!

Dior Detective Makeup Palette
Another option is one of the gorgeous Dior Logo Eye Palettes.  Or take a look at the multi-purpose Chanel Travel Aqualumieres Multi Effect Palette. Visit your local Chanel counter or store as well for some special Chanel holiday items and palettes.

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