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Q&A With Nadine Haobsh, aka Jolie in NYC and Author of The Beauty Confidential

If you are not familiar with Nadine Haobsh, you should be. She is a former Beauty Editor and author of the popular blog Jolie in NYC. The history of her blog is more than a little interesting. From her Bio:

Dubbed “the poster girl for the blogger generation” by the New York Post, Nadine Haobsh was born in New York City in 1980. After twenty-two years of obsessively staring at her hair in the mirror (and following internships at CNN, InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar and FHM), she discovered that it was indeed possible to make a career out of narcissism and became a beauty editor. Stints at Lucky magazine and Ladies’ Home Journal seemed promising until Nadine began a blog under the pseudonym “Jolie in NYC”, where she dispersed beauty advice and celebrity gossip. Mayhem ensued, her identity was revealed, the beauty industry went into an uproar and an offer at Seventeen magazine was rescinded. (It was a busy day.)

Beauty Confidential Nadine Haobsh BookNow Nadine has an exciting new beauty book just recently released: Beauty Confidential: The No Preaching, No Lies, Advice-You’ll- Actually-Use Guide to Looking Your Best. The book is getting high ratings on Amazon.com and great reviews. I recently purchased it and am just getting started reading, so watch for a future review!

When I recently had the opportunity to ask Nadine a question, I chose the following:

With the arrival of television, “video killed the radio star.” Do you believe internet media will eventually overtake print media?

Nadine’s answer:

“Absolutely; it’s an inevitability that internet media and blogs will overtake print media; they’ve already completely changed the landscape of journalism and publishing in just a few short years. Honestly, I can’t believe that some publishing companies are still attempting to charge for online content; it’s a losing battle, and the longer they resist, the more catching up they’ll have to do. I think print media companies who recognize the power of the format and gradually introduce blogs and websites into their brand with the same respect they’d treat the launch of a new magazine will do fine; not every website will succeed, but the failure of one does not signal doom for the rest. And just because any idiot with a computer and internet connection can set up a blog doesn’t mean it’s an easy, Mickey Mouse-operation; companies should realize this and start (and continue) to hire professionals that are trained and experienced in online media. Treating it seriously now will yield major dividends later. It makes me sad that print media—newspapers in particular—is on the decline, but that’s progress, I suppose. And, especially considering we live in an age of instant gratification, why wait until tomorrow when you can read (and then blog!) about it today?”

Other beauty bloggers had the opportunity to ask questions of Nadine as well. Keep an eye out for those around the Beauty Blog Network!

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