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Bioelements Power Peptide Spray

Bioelements Power Peptide sprayThe Bioelements brand continues to impress me. It seems that I like everything that I try from them, and my latest favorite is their Bioelements Power Peptide Spray.

Peptides are one of the hot active ingredients that have been shown to have an effect on fine lines and wrinkles. Usually peptides are put into creams and lotions, or occasionally a serum. But Bioelements decided to try something new — they made a spray.

This is quite a unique product. The liquid and lightly moisturizing spray allows for an easy application of peptides that can then be followed by other serums and creams. I love the concept, because often I want to apply something with peptides, yet also want to use my moisturizing sunscreen, and I don’t want to layer two creams. So putting the actives in a spray is genius!

The spray itself is quite comfortable. Because it contains various light moisturizing ingredients and oils, it does not dry out the skin. I didn’t find it to be anything more than minimally moisturizing though, so if you have dry skin, the spray won’t make it drier, but it also won’t substitute for you regular cream or lotion. I have been using it right before applying serums and sunscreen.

This is yet another highly recommend Bioelements product!

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