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PCA Skin Care Anti-Aging Products

PCA Collagen HydratorI have been using some PCA Anti-Aging Skin Care items for awhile now and am very happy with the brand so far.

My favorite is the PCA pHaze 25 ExLinea Peptide Smoothing Serum . Peptides have worked well to minimize fine lines for me in a variety of products. But I prefer serums and finding peptide serums is often more difficult than finding creams. This serum was just what I was seeking. Somewhat moisturizing, it smooths on well and absorbs fairly quickly, allowing for application of your favorite moisturizer or sunscreen over the top. I have been using it morning and evening for some time now and have noticed a change in the appearance of fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead.

PCA’s Skin Care Collagen Hydrator is a nice facial moisturizer, suitable for dry, aging skin. This includes shea butter, so it has a pretty good moisture kick. I like it on my upper cheeks when they are feeling particularly dry. I would not recommend this one for oily or acne prone skin, but for those with dry skin or dry and sensitive skin, it is great.

PCA Skin Rejuvenating Serum pHazeThe PCA Skin® Rejuvenating Serum – pHaze 24 is another serum appropriate for aging skin. With vitamins, amino acids, growth factors and osmoprotectants, this serum helps the skin retain moisture. I particularly like the feel of this serum. However, if on a budget and only buying one serum, I would recommend the peptide serum first.

PCA also makes items for treating hyperpigmentation and melasma and I am loving them so far. Watch for my review of a few of those soon.

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