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Review: DHC Sunsceens, White for Melasma, Q10 for Aging, and Dual Defense for Moisture

DHC White Sunscreen ReviewDHC makes some great skin care products, so it is no surprise that they have some excellent sunscreens as well. By incorporating DHC’s signature olive oil, the sunscreens feel terrific, and by adding in some treatment actives, a couple of the sunscreens are also rather unique.

One very unique sunscreen that also happens to be my favorite, is DHC White Sunscreenicon. With titanium dioxide 5% and zinc oxide 10% as physical blockers, this broad-spectrum SPF 25 sunscreen is a good choice for those concerned about melasma or hyperpigmentation. But there is more. By including alpha-arbutin, a good nonprescription skin brightener, and vitamin C, DHC has created a sunscreen that is also a treatment product. As with other DHC products, it also contains olive leaf extract, along with aloe leaf extract, and vitamin E.

DHC White sunscreen is a joy to wear. It is a very light lotion that moisturizes slightly and absorbs quickly with no white residue. I find it to be one of the most comfortable sunscreens around. I have also found arbutin to be a fairly effective melasma treatment. By inhibiting melanin production, it is perfect to combine it with a sunscreen to make going out in the sun feel just a bit extra safe for those like myself who worry about what melasma spot just might be waiting to come out. The only downside is that
at $23/ounce it is a bit expensive, although I tend to prefer the higher cost sunscreens anyway, so that price is fine for me.

DHC Dual Defense SunscreenFor those with aging skin, DHC Suncut Q10 Sunscreen SPF 30icon combines full spectrum sunscreen with coenzyme Q10. The entire DHC Q10 line is pretty popular and the products feel quite nice. So if you are a fan of the Q10 line or like coenzyme Q products, you might want to give this one a try. It is also a bit more affordable at $15/ounce. The Active sunscreen ingredients are octinoxate 5.0%, oxybenzone 0.1%, titanium dioxide 5.8%, zinc oxide 20.0%

For a kick of moisture from your sunscreen give DHC Dual Defense Sunscreenicon a try. This one contains DHC’s signature olive oil and rice germ oil. Nicely moisturizing, this one is perfect for those with normal to dry skin. The active sunscreen ingredients: octinoxate (4%), and titanium dioxide (3.3%). $27 for 3.5 ounces.

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