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The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty: The Dove Self-Esteem Fund and The Reality Diaries

Dove Real Beauty LogoDove’s Campaign for Real Beauty is a fresh concept coming from a beauty product company. Now, as part of that campaign, Dove has spearheaded the The Dove Self-Esteem Fund to foster and raise the self-esteem of girls and young women. The fund supports specific charitable organizations in a variety of countries, and in conjunction, Dove has produced some very intriguing programs to compliment it.

For example, to promote self-esteem building, Dove is also sponsoring The Reality Diaries, a 6 week program revolving around the lives of four girls who through the use of blogs and videos, share their personal self-esteem stories online. Each girl presents a different self-esteem issue and the Diaries reflect the media influences on self-esteem.

Presenting some interesting and educational insight, The Reality Diaries is a great resource for girls, young women, their parents, and older women alike.

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