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Babor Advanced Biogen Day and Night Creme

When I have winter dry skin, I appreciate a good hyaluronic acid creme. Babor advanced Biogen Day Creme and Babor advanced Biogen Night Creme are a good pair of moisturizers for dry and/or aging skin.

Babor Skin Care Advanced Biogen
Both cremes are on the rich and thick side, with the night creme a bit more so. Each does an excellent job of providing a heavy dose of moisture, but without leaving you feel like there is an oil slick on your face. However, I would not recommend these for people with oily skin. The heaviness of the cremes really make them ideal for dry and aging skin.The Babor cremes run on the expensive side, although they are a bit less than many other heavy hyaluranic acid cremes that are out there.

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