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Eight Beauty New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s ResolutionsThe new year often brings the standard lose weight, save money, quit smoking, and other similar resolutions that are good for the health or pocketbook.

How about some resolutions that will keep you looking beautiful as well? Here are a few ideas:

(1) Wear sunscreen daily. Sunscreen is not just important to avoid skin cancer, it keeps you from wrinkling! If you start just one beauty habit this year, make it this one! Need to find some sunscreen? Take a look at the ones I have previously reviewed!

(2) Clean your makeup brushes. Dirty brushes are not just nasty looking, they harbor bacteria as well. Give them a good regular cleaning. Don’t have a brush cleaner? In a pinch, or to save money, use plain old baby shampoo!

(3) Keep brows neat. Want to give yourself a new year’s gift? Go get your brow professionally shaped. Also try out regular grooming. For a nice brow kit, look at Estee Lauder’s brow kit.

(4) Do regular manicures. Having nicely done nails can make you look and feel polished as a whole. If you lack time for full blown manicures, check out Sally Hansen’s Natural Shine, Instant Nail Finish. For a whole lot of nail polish ideas, check out the blog All Lacquered Up.

(5) Start softening your feet now for the summer. Getting rid of calluses can take awhile. Start now, and your feet will be gorgeous when spring sandal season arrives. Check out my previous post on getting your feel ready for summer.

(6) Experiment with new colors. I recently did this and was pleasantly surprised to find that I like some of the bolder colors. If you always wear neutrals, try out some brighter eyeshadow colors or deeper color lips. If you usually wear a lot of color, try out the natural look for a change of pace.

(7) Develop a skin care routine. If you do nothing other than a soap and water rinse, consider developing a skin care routine. Explore some of the great skin care products out there, then start a morning and evening routine that works for your skin type and stick with it. Your skin will love you for it. Need ideas? Check out the skin care posts here on Beauty and Fashion Tech.  Also check out Savvy Skin, which is a great site devoted to all things in skin care.

(8) Be kind to your hair. Quit all that daily drying and straightening or curling. The heat is horrible for your hair! Let your hair dry naturally whenever possible, use good products, do some deep conditioning, and use heat protecting sprays. My favorite spray is Schwarzkopf Bonacure Moisture Kick. It is hard to go wrong with that one!

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