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M.A.C. Moisturelush

MAC Cosmetics has two new skin care items: Moisturelush Creme and Moisturelush Eye Cream.

MAC Cosmetics MoisturelushThe eye cream rocks! This is seriously one of the best feeling eye cremes that I have used in some time, and at $30, the price isn’t horrible either (keep in mind that I generally use the very expensive Creme de la Mer as eye creme). This is a very thick and rich creme though, so if you prefer a very light moisture, this one isn’t going to be for you. I used it at night, but since it contains some optical luminizers, it is great for day use too.

The face creme is also quite rich for its $32 price tag. I recommend it for people with dry to very dry skin, but those with oily skin will likely not be interested.

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