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Nettie Scrub Exfoliating Body Scrub

I seem to be on roll with receiving indie products lately and I love them! Smaller companies often produce products that are both high quality and affordable. Plus, there tends to be that extra sense of personalized love and care put into the products.

Nettiescrub sugar body polish scrub grapefruit

One of the new products I recently tried is NettieScrub, a wonderful natural body polish. This sugar scrub contains grape seed extract (great stuff) and pure alpha hydroxyl acids to polish and treat the skin. It also has just about the most incredible scent ever!

I am a big lover of citrus scents, especially orange and grapefruit. I tried the grapefruit scrub and was completely in love. If you like grapefruit scented bath and spa products, you absolutely must try this one! Another bonus is just how affordable this scrub is. I found it comparable to some of the horribly expensive sugar scrubs that are out there, yet at about 1/4 to 1/3 of the price. The packaging is also adorable, with the scrub contained in a labeled glass canning jar with a spatula for stirring and applying. Do stir before using to mix the oil back into the scrub. Prices range from $7.99-$15, depending on the size. Products can be purchased at several Los Angeles area boutiques and directly online.

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