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Pattern Body Wash

Like all natural bath and body products? Like unique fresh scents? How about some good moisture in a body wash? Pattern Body Wash has it all.

Pattern Body Wash
There are four cleansers available that can be used on hair, face and body: Eucalyptus and Black Pepper are stronger cleansers recommended for active people that are formulated to clean without stripping natural oils. Citrus and Cucumber are moisturizing cleaners, perfect for avoiding dry skin. Pattern products contain no parabens, and no artificial fragrances, colors, or dyes. Instead, they use natural ingredients to provide gentle cleansing, moisture, and fragrance. Each product has an ingredient list available on the site, along with a glossary of what each ingredient does.

I was immediately curious about black pepper as a body wash fragrance and was told that it is a popular item. I can see why. It really does smell great! I found the smell to be more like black licorice with just a hint of pepper and found it to be quite refreshing, especially after exercising. This is also a good scent for men, who might be turned off by more fruity scents.

The eucalyptus and cucumber scents were as expected and both nice. But my favorite was the citrus scent. First, I am kind of a sucker for anything citrus, so that is no surprise, but I also loved that it was combined with the moisturizing formula, which does indeed feel nicely moisturizing and is a joy to use. Of the four scents, the cucumber is the lightest, so those looking for less fragrance, might prefer that one.

Overall, Pattern has put together a great set of body washes that I definitely recommend.

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