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Davies Gate Seed and Grains: Whole Wheat Lotion, Flax Seed Soap, and Cocoa Bean Lip Balm

Davies Gate Wheat LotionI first came across Davies Gate while staying at the Palms in Las Vegas. They offered some wonderful Davies Gate items in the rooms. Unfortunately, the last time I was there, they no longer carried them, so I guess I have to buy some now!

Davies Gate Whole Wheat Lotion was my absolute favorite when I first tried it in Vegas. The lotion is very soothing, and I found it perfect for my legs when they got itchy from shaving and from the dry air.

Davies Gate Flax Seed Soap was equally as nice. This rich moisturizing soap is great for dry skin.

Finally, Davies Gate Cocoa Bean Lip Balm is something I bought somewhere along the way, and it was a favorite of mine until I unfortunately sent it through the wash, where it melted into nothingness. As the name implies, this one tastes like chocolate!

Overall, this is a solid line of products.

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