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Paula’s Choice Skin Relief Treatment

Paula’s Choice Skin Relief Treatment, Paula BegounOut of curiosity and because they were available, I bought a bunch of samples of Paula’s Choice skin care products and cosmetics. So watch for various reviews over the next few weeks or months.

If you are not familiar with Paula Begoun, she is the author of the book Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me. That is a big fat book that rates more products than you could ever try in a lifetime. Generally people love the book, but it isn’t without controversy. I suppose I should write more on it at some point.

Anyway, Paula Begoun also has a line of skin care products and cosmetics. The ingredient choices in many of the products appear to be sound, and the website sells samples of nearly everything for .80 cents to $1 each. I wish more sites would do this!

The first sample I tried when my box arrived was Paula’s Choice Skin Relief Treatment. For unknown reasons, I had a pretty bad breakout recently, and treating it left my already dry skin rather irritated. That of course made me break out a bit more. Argh! So needless to say, I wanted to try a skin relief product!

Paula’s Choice Skin Relief Treatment is interesting. It contains aspirin, plus antioxidants, and it has willowherb extract as an anti-inflammatory. I did find it rather calming on reddened areas of my skin, but it didn’t do much for stopping pain associated with my blemishes.

I also, rather unfortunately, got the chance to try it out on a sunburn as well. I spent last week in south Texas and forgot to put sunscreen on my chest when I wore a V-neck shirt. The skin releif treatment did a pretty good job of soothing the resulting burn. So this is a good sunburn treatment, but of course you all should be wearing your sunscreen to begin with, so you shouldn’t need it for that!  

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