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Prescriptives Px Vibrant-C Skin Brightening Lotion Moisturizer

Prescriptives Vibrant C Lotion Moisturizer Hyperpigmentation Melasma

Many people think of foundation when they think of Prescriptives, and they do indeed have great foundation. I highly recommend getting color matched if you have not done so before!

But Prescriptives also makes some great skin care items in their Px line. I have previously used their skin tone correcting serum, which I think is now discontinued, and I love the PX intensive Rebuilding Moisturizer.

Based on my past good experiences, I was pretty happy to have the chance to try out Prescriptives Px Vibrant-C Lotion. This light moisturizer reminds me quite a bit of the skin brightening serum, which also focused on Vitamin C, except that it comes in a lotion form. The product has a good vitamin C tingle, which if anything like past Prescriptives Vitamin C products, should be fairly stable and do a decent job of actually brightening the skin and lightening mild melasma or hyperpigmentation. Because it is a moisturizer, it also can be used nicely over other skin lightening serums for creating a combination approach to melasma treatment. For example, I have been using it over my favorite treatment cleanser and serum from PCA Skin Care. It makes for a very nice combination, especially if you like using both serums and lotions.

As a light lotion moisturizer, Vibrant-C also stands out. I found that it absorbed quickly and completely, with only a small amount needed to get the desired effect of adding some light moisture. I suspect that I will be purchasing more of this product when the bottle that I was sent is empty.

Prescriptives has also added a skin brightening moisture cream to the line if you need a higher amount of moisture. They offer a skin brightening eye cream as well. Prescriptives can be found online at various department stores. For example, I usually get their products at Macys.

I also am trying Prescriptives Intensive Rebuilding Moisture-Rich Cleanser. So keep an eye out for a future post on that!

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