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Timelapse Wand Wrinkle Treatment

Timelapse Wand Wrinkle TreatmentThe Timelapse Wand is a pretty neat little product that I was sent to try. Advertised as part line filler, part relaxer, part treatment product, it is rather utilitarian.

I have been playing with one for a couple of weeks now and find that it is best as a filler. The wand contains ingredients that do a pretty good job of filling in lines, and with the wand applicator it is very easy to target the right spots. I have loved it on the days when I don’t want to wear a silicon primer on my entire face, yet still want a bit of line filler under my makeup.

The wand also has some wrinkle relaxing and firming ingredients, so it tingles slightly, and has ingredients to promote skin health. I can’t really tell if it does much there, but the firming sensation is kind of nice.

Overall, it is a fun little product. Price is $25 through the link above.

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