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Total Nail RX Nail Treatment Products

The Total Nail RX line of nail treatment and specialty products is fairly new to the market. I have seen it only at Walgreens, so it may be exclusive to them.

Total Nail RX Fill Me In Surface Smoothing Base Coat
The line features a number of items aimed at various nail issues, such as chipping, strength, ridges etc. It also features a French manicure set and base and top coats. I purchased the Fill Me In surface smoothing base coat and the Slick Fast Dry top coat.The Nail RX base coat did a nice job of filling in ridges and providing a good surface for polish to adhere to that is not too slick, but not overly tacky. The base coat appears to be a peach color in the bottle, but it dries clear.

The Slick Fast Dry top coat also worked quite well. It provided a quick hard surface and gave off a nice amount of shine.

My one complaint about the line is that the bottles come with a thick rubber band around the lids that I suppose is meant to make it anti-slip when using the brush. But the band falls off of the bottom and I found it uncomfortable if pushed up. Fortunately, it is easy to remove, so it would not stop me from purchasing the items, nor does it prevent me from recommending them.

Look for Total Nail RX products at Walgreens stores by the other nail products. Price regularly runs from around $7-$10, but I have seen the items on sale fairly frequently.

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