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Comparing the New Milani Mascaras and Finding Good Quality and Value.

Milani Cosmetics is one of the drugstore brands that I think people tend to overlook as they head straight for the big name displays such as Maybelline or Revlon. Well, next time you run by that Milani display, stop and take a look. They have some great items.

Milani recently sent me a number of products to try and of most interest to me were their four brand new mascara formulations. It isn’t often that I try several mascaras from one brand at once and seeing the differences back to back was rather interesting!

Milani Power Lash Mascara
Power Lash-Thickening Mascara is a volume builder with a HUGE brush. It has Vitamin E, panthenol, and bamboo extract for conditioning. I normally am not a fan of larger brushes, but this one was fine. It is a nice thickening, yet light formula, that was basically clump free when I tried it. It reminds me a bit of Maybelline Great Lash, but without the running and clumping problems (sorry, I’m not a Great Lash fan).
Milani Great Lengths Mascara
Great Lengths-Lengthening Mascara, is a straightforward lengthening formula. Gimmick free–something that I find quite refreshing these days–the mascara has a standard brush and comes in a standard tube, and delivers good results. I got a nice amount of length and little clumping (be sure to carefully wipe the brush first on this one though). If you want a good value basic mascara, you can’t go wrong with one.
Milani Distinct Lash Mascara
Distinct Lash- Separating and Lengthening Mascara was my favorite in the bunch. This one is much like what I wish Maybelline Define-A-Lash (read review) would have been. It has a small brush (my preference), with fairly delicate bristles (another plus for me), and it lengthens without too much thickening so that the lashes look more delicate and are clump free. Maybelline had that too, but it had fatal flaw that the Milani version takes care of–Milani made their brush wand stable. If you love Define-A-Lash but hate that wand bending, you should definitely give Milani Distinct Lash a try.
Milani Build-a-Lash Mascara
Build-A-Lash–Fortifying and Volumizing Mascara is a two parter that reminds me a lot of Maybelline Volume Plus Length (Read Review). Step one is a white primer that thickens and lengthens. After allowing it to dry, black mascara is applied for quite long and dramatically full lashes. Seriously do not skip the part about waiting one minute with this! I got impatient and made it clump to high heaven. But when I actually waited the full minute for the primer to dry, I got wonderful results. If you have the patience for two steps, this is a really geat mascara.

All of the Milani mascaras come in black. I am crossing my fingers for a brown, and a navy at some point. They retail at around the great price of $6.50 and can be found at most mass retailers and larger drugstore chains. I tend to buy Milani at CVS, which also tends to run some great cosmetic sales.

I tried some other Milani products as well, so watch for future reviews.

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