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Ferro Cosmetics Mineral Makeup

Another entry into the ever growing area of mineral makeup is Ferro Cosmetics. I recently tried a few of their all natural products and was happy with them.

The mineral foundation is pure mineral and pigment. Unlike some brands, it is not cut with bismuth or talc–something that will be of interest for those looking for an irritant free mineral makeup. The company also offers a very good range of shades, allowing those with either very pale or very dark skin to be able to find a shade that works. When I used the foundation, I found the coverage to be good and had no issues with the finish becoming overly shiny, which is a problem I sometimes have had with mineral makeup.

I also tried a blush, mineral veil and eye shadows. The blush was well pigmented and blended well. The veil also was fine, although it got a bit shiny on me. The eye shadow was particularly good. I am a big fan of loose mineral eye shadows, especially when they have full pigment, and Ferro has a number of those in a variety of shades.

Because Ferro offers products in mini size, it also is fairly painless to give them a try or test out foundation shades without committing a ton of money. Thus, this company falls into my list of recommended mineral makeup brands.

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