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Maybelline XXL Volume Plus Length Mascara

If you want some serious length with thickening to boot, Maybelline XXL Volume + Length Washable Mascara is a decent enough choice.

Maybelline XXL Volume Plus Length Mascara

This mascara comes in two pieces, so it requires a bit of patience. One side is white and it lengthens the lashes beautifully. Despite a big brush, which doesn’t always do well for me, I had good luck with this one in terms of length with no clumps. Once the white part dries, the black side is used to tint the lashes.The key with this is to be sure all is dry first, otherwise things can clump. I had beautiful results at a decent price with this one. But I admit that I found the two steps a bit trying on my patience. I like to sweep the mascara on and run out the door!

Maybelline also recently released this in a curling version. I tried that one too, and found that it did give some curl. However, the curl was not particularly dramatic and I tend to recommend using a standard lash curler before any mascara.

Maybelline products can be purchased online and at all major drugstores.

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