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Dermaquest Anti-Bacterial Cleanser

Dermaquest Anti-Bacterial Cleanser Acne Treatment When I started having some unusual problems with acne a few months ago, I started researching products. My goal was to find a set of skin care items that would not be likely to contribute to acne, would treat the condition, and would also work with my melasma treatment regime. Dermaquest Skin Therapy Anti- Bacterial Enzyme Cleanser – 8 oz. was my choice in cleanser.

After quite a bit of consideration, I chose Dermaquest because it did not contain any ingredients likely to contribute to acne and it had anti-bacterial functions to help treat it without being too drying. I have been pleased with my choice.

Dermaquest’s Anti-Bacterial Cleanser is a very low foaming cleanser that does a decent enough job at cleaning without drying. It also removes makeup sufficiently well, although I suggest using a separate eye makeup remover.  After 6 weeks, I am still happy with it. At first blush the price seem a bit high, but considering that the bottle is 8 ounces, it actually is a pretty good value.

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