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Every Man Jack: Great Value Skin Care For Men

Why is that guys have a tendency to insist on using cruddy products, while simultaneously complaining about their razor burn, ingrown facial hair, wrinkles, or what have you? I don’t completely have the answer to that, but I do know that if you give them decent, affordable products, targeted to men, that they can find at the local big box retailer, they will often actually use them!

Every Man Jack Mens Skin Care Target
Every Man Jack is a great brand for that. The products are available at Target stores, don’t have any sort of cheesy or girlish packaging, and are basic good quality, yet affordable men’s products. What more can a guy ask for? I tried some of items myself and also left them lying around for my husband to come across and try. Yes, I sometimes try to trick him into sampling products for me!

Right off the bat, I have to rave about the citrus body bar. Forget about the men’s product part of this–ladies if you want a fairly heavy leg scrub for use before sunless tanning, give this a try!  This bar soap has a nice citrus scent, albeit a bit manly since it is made for men after all. It also contains wheat bran as a scrub. This is a bit strong for facial skin, but as a body exfoliant, it rocks!  My husband liked it as a general soap, and I love it as a very affordable body exfoliator. By the way, it is also oil free and paraben free.

We also gave the Face Lotion and Shave Cream a try. The lotion is a nice basic moisturizer that is oil and paraben free. It is available in both scented and fragrance free versions.   The shave cream is also quite nice. My husband prefers a gel (which Every Man Jack also makes), while I kind of liked the lotion.

Every Man Jack is available online through the links above, or at Target stores nationwide.

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