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Paula Dorf Simple Skin, Lemon Verbena Face Bath

Paula Dorf Simple Skin Lemon Verbena Face Bath is a lovely cleansing milk for all skin types. The feel of this one is simply wonderful. If you are a fan of Clarins Cleansing Milk, it reminds me quite a bit of that.

Paula Dorf Simple Skin Lemon Verbena Face Wash Cleanser
The cleanser removes makeup quite well, while adding a bit of moisture. There is nothing drying abut this one, yet it won’t leave you feeling oily either. I love the stuff! Its principle ingredients are: 

Lemon Verbena:  PH balances, antioxidant, astringent
Vitamin C: antioxidant, rebuilds
Vitamin E: antioxidant, protects
Coconut Oil:  cleanses, softens, moisturizes
Jojoba Oil:  PH Balances, protects

A similar product for normal to oily skin is Paula Dorf Simple Skin Soy + Nettle Lotion

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