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Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation

Revlon Colorstay Mineral Makeup Foundation Revlon, like just about everyone else, has entered the mineral makeup market. I rate their effort, Revlon Colorstay Mineral Foundation in the fair to OK category–I just can’t find anything special about this one.

This powder foundation provides decent sheer coverage at a fairly good price. For those that require an included brush, it also includes one that is serviceable, although it is rather small. I would recommend the L’Oreal mineral makeup instead for those who really want their minerals to come prepackaged with a brush (read review).

Unfortunately, there are also several issues with the product. The packaging does not allow for easy use with a different brush because the mouth of the shaker is narrow. I did not fare well trying to cram my favorite kabuki brush in it, and was unable to tap off excess back into the container without making a mess.

Also on the unfortunate side is Revlon’s decision to cut the product with both talc and bismuth. Leaving out the talc allows mineral makeup to provide better coverage and bismuth can cause irritation and itching in some people. For a drugstore mineral makeup without talc and bismuth that has a nice standard container for use with personal brushes, try Maybelline Mineral Power instead. Other higher end options, such as Jane Iredale (highly recommended), are available online.

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