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Bioelements and DDF: Two Good Acne Masks

I’m starting to get fed up with my adult acne, so I made a dermatologist appointment. In the meantime, I am trying out some treatment masks, both as spot treatments and as all over masks. There are two that I highly recommend: Bioelements Amino Mask and DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask. Each are good, but also slightly different. Notably, the Biolelements mask includes Salicylic Acid and less Sulfur, while DDF is a higher concentration Sulfur Mask

Bioelements Amino Acne MaskThe Bioelements mask is described as follows:

For All Skin Types Medicated facial mask helps prevent and clear acne blemishes. Draws-out pore-clogging debris, soaks up excess oils, calms inflammation and promotes fast healing of existing breakouts. – Medicated acne treatment mask – Contains 3% anti-bacterial sulphur and 2% salicylic acid – Unclogs pores, destroys acne bacteria, controls excess oils and helps heal existing blemishes No artificial colorants, synthetic fragrance or animal by-products. Not tested on animals.

When I used Biolements Amino Mask, I found that it worked well– both as an all over mask, and as a spot treatment. It feels like any other clay type mask and does a good job at absorbing oil and removing the gunk in your pores. But I particularly like this one as a spot treatment. Put a bit on a blemish and leave it on overnight. The Salicylic Acid helps dissolve the gunk, while the Sulfur provides good anti-bacterial acne treatment.  Meanwhile, the mask as a whole absorbs oil had helps draw everything out.

DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask Acne TreatmentDDF’s mask contains 10% Sulfur. For those who want maximum anti-bacterial agents, this one is great. I tend to use it more as an overall face mask once each week, although it will also work as a spot treatment.

One thing to note. Sulfur doesn’t smell really good, and because these masks contain it, they obviously have an odor.  I don’t mind it at all, but if you are sensitive to sulfur smell, you might not care for these.

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