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Olay Definity Foaming Moisturizer and Protective Lotion

Oil fo Olay Definity When I first started writing Beauty and Fashion Tech, I reviewed Olay Definity. I loved it then and I still love it. Now I have had the opportunity to try both the Olay Definity Foam Moisturizer and the Olay Definity Facial Lotion. Each are excellent companion products for the cream.

Olay Definity works on skin discoloration using a glucosamine complex. This relatively simple mix of glucosamine and niacinamide has been shown to lessen hyperpigmentation and melasma, thus making it worthwhile compound to add to treatment for those conditions. I tend to be sure to use one or more of the Definity products in conjunction with a melasma treatment serum such as or .

I love the Olay Foaming Moisturizer! The light foam is formulated to penetrate the skin deeper than a standard cream or lotion. It absorbs incredibly quickly and can be used with other moisturizers, but I find it particularly nice for days when my skin is extra oily because it provides very light moisture by itself that won’t overwhelm oily skin. Then on drier days, adding something over it is easy.

The correcting protective lotion is also a joy to wear. Formulated with SPF 15, this is a great light day cream that can be worn alone or over the foaming moisturizer. It absorbs quickly and fully and feels quite light, but actually provides a pretty good amount of moisture. One thing to note though is that while Olay products tend to have a light feel to them and tend to absorb fast, that doesn’t mean that the moisturizing properties are all that light. I have seen some people state that they though Olay was not moisturizing enough, but keep in mind that a cream or lotion does not have to feel heavy or leave a film on your face to provide sufficient moisture. I think people tend to underestimate the amount of moisture that Olay products actually provide. The lotion is lighter than the cream, but still quite moisturizing.

You can find Olay products at just about any drugstore or big box retailer.

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