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Schick Quattro for Women Razor

Schick Quattro Women Razor I don’t care for shaving. But I dislike waxing even more! So I do it. I also am more than happy to test razors because I am always looking for the perfect one. The Schick Quattro For Women Razor was sent to me to test, and it turned out to be one of the better razors that I have tried. I’ll be keeping this one around!

As the name suggests, it has four blades, which is plenty. Yeah, you can buy some with five, but I seriously can’t tell a difference. I do fine with anything over 2 blades.

Something I particularly appreciate about this razor is that it has a nice hefty feel to it. I have managed to shoot some of the light plastic razors right out of my shower when they got slippery, but this one is heavy enough to stay put. It also has a good rubber grip, which helps in that department as well. As with many razors, the blades have conditioning strips and the head pivots.

I had good results using the Schick Quattro. The shave was very close and slightly better than my general favorite, the Schick Intuition (Read Review). I also did not experience any issues with pulling or cutting, which I obviously appreciate! Overall, I liked this one and plan to keep using it, so it gets a thumbs up!

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