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Tagged! My Beauty Favorites and Secrets

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Awhile back, Teri over at Aging Fabulous tagged me, seeking my beauty favorites/secrets. After a bit of pondering, here they are!My Foundation: My skin is insane! It is dry in winter, oily in summer, and I have a bit of melasma to cover. So here are my favorites for each: When dry: Elizabeth Arden Intervene, Estee Lauder. When oily: Laura Mercier oil free and Neutrogena Mineral. I’m also loving the new Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Foundation, and a new one from RedPoint Cosmetics (review to come). Tip: Cover melasma with a bit of liquid foundation that is set with mineral makeup in that area instead translucent powder.

My Mascara: Lancome Hypnose. My favorite drugstore mascaras are CG Volume exact and Milani’s mascaras.

My Blush: My big Favorite of the moment is the new Sally Hansen Natural Beauty cream blush. I also love Krylon bronzer worn on my cheek bones.

My Eye Shadow: Anything Mac or Stila. Flirt Cosmetics also makes great quality eyeshadow at a good price.

My Day Cream: This constantly changes, but the one thing constant is a good sunscreen. I usually wear either DHC or Philosophy because each has melasma treatment built in. DHC also adds a physical blocker.

My Lipstick: I love them all! Need proof? Visit Girl Gloss! I guess if I have to narrow it down, My current favorites are Strawbaby from the MAC Fafi Collection, a wonderful pink from the New Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Line, and Stila Cherry Crush.

My Beauty Product Brand: For overall consistency and quality, I have to say MAC. Stila and Bobbie Brown are right up there as well. In the drugstore arena, L’Oreal and Revlon are consistently good, and I also can’t stop raving about the new Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Line.

My Essential Beauty Product: Sunscreen. I could live without just about everything else, but sunscreen is essential for good looking skin and future skin health!

My Favorite Makeup Product: Lip balm and gloss. I can’t live without it!

My Perfume: Right now, it is Marc Jacobs Grapefruit.

My Nails: Normally I wear a few favorite shades of Essie, which is consistently a great polish that is relatively affordable. Right now though, I have been repeatedly wearing the shade from the MAC Fafi collection. I probably should try to get some more before the collection becomes non-existent! I also love a new Maybelline shade. Watch for a post on that in the next few weeks!

My Feet: Pro foot heel cream is a must for me!

My Hands: Sunscreen and Soap and Glory Great Shakes hand cream. Love that stuff!

Three Products to bring on a deserted island: I’m just going to Parrot Teri on this one! Sunscreen, Lip Balm, and Moisturizer

Women I admire for their beauty: I admire those who whether or not they are physically beautiful are beautiful in more profound ways, such as through being particularly caring, generous, intellectual etc.

Woman with the Best Sense of Style: I’m going to go back in time for this on and say Audrey Hepburn.

How Do I Define Womanhood: Hmmm, hard question. I don’t define it, although it definitely defines me in ways that I find hard to describe.

My Favorite Fashion Publication: I adore Lucky Magazine. People Style Watch is also fun. For Makeup, Allure is the best, while Elle is always nice for the high end fashion ads.

So, now I tag Lilan, Kristen, Jennifer and Christine, and Kia

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