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Comment Policy Reminder

Unfortunately, I have seen a big rise in the amount of spam comments and need to post this reminder.

Beauty and Fashion Tech and Girl Gloss appreciate comments and love to see reader interaction. But spam comments that are made for the primary purpose of promoting a commercial site are not tolerated.

Here is a relevant section of the Comment Policy on the matter:

Spam Comments: Spam will not be tolerated and will be deleted. This includes comments that have the appearance of spam.

Signs of spam that may lead to deletion of your comment:

  • *Using a product name as your user name, especially if your url is to a commercial site.
  • *Using your site name as your user name if your site is highly commercial and not a fellow beauty, style, or women’s interest site with genuine original content.
  • *Your url leads to a link farm, splog, ad page, income parked site, or similar type of website.

We realize that many blog owners use their hobby or site name as a user name. But sites that are unrelated to beauty, fashion, style, or women’s interests that do so and include a related url will be suspect. Have a legitimate comment and don’t want to get deleted? Use your name, or leave out your url, and make a clearly valuable comment.

Links in Comments: You are more than welcome to include your site url in the line of the comment field for it so that readers can find your own blog or website. But links to your site in the body of your comment will be deleted unless it is highly relevant to the post.

Links to stores and other commercial sites will be deleted.

Those of you with commercial sites and blogs, please keep this in mind when commenting. Thanks!

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