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Daily Beauty Bytes: Top Ten Makeup Felonies

Makeup mistakes happen, but are you making glaring “makeup felonies?”  This article, which is syndicated from Total Beauty, looks at a number of celebrity makeup blunders and shows you the top ten things to avoid.   You don’t want to end up looking like this!

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Top 10 Makeup Felonies 

No one is innocent, not even Paris Hilton. Celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles tells which beauty crimes to avoid

Before you make up your next face, there are 10 crucial no-nos you need to know. (Chances are you’re guilty of at least one of them.) To ensure that your best efforts aren’t wasted, we asked celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles to explain why these common mistakes really are that bad … as if fear of looking like one of these celebrity offenders isn’t enough.…More

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