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Free Your Hands For Hair Drying With Blo & Go

Blo and Go hair Dryer Holder

The Blo & Go hair dryer holder is one of those “as seen on TV” products that looks pretty cool, but many will wonder if it really works. Well, this one generally does!

The premise of the Blo & Go is that you can attach your dryer to it for hands free hair drying—a great thing if you like to do blow outs. Personally, I never could do a decent one on myself. The sides would turn out lovely, but doing the back was next to impossible. So I would end up with rather schizophrenic looking hair. Well, with a bit of experimenting, the Blo & Go fixed that.

The Blo & Go attaches to any stable, smooth surface, such as a mirror, counter, or tile (it is not appropriate for painted or wallpapered surfaces). The user then attaches their hair dryer and can stand under it to have both hands free for styling. I found that it worked fairly well, although learning how to maneuver under it in order to get the angle right takes a bit of practice. Regardless, I ended up with a pretty good home blow out using it.

The Blo & Go attaches with a strong suction cup and I noted no issues with slippage. It definitely stays in place. The dryer sits easily in the frame and is held in place by a bungee cord. A few things to note though. First, this works best if you have a surface to attach it to that you can stand right next to or under. But I made do by attaching it to the mirror behind the sink. It had enough reach from there to be usable. Also, my dryer is rather large, and the bungee cord would not stretch over it. I was still able to effectively use it, but a bit longer cord would be nice.

At $29.99, it is a pretty affordable device. If you regularly do blow outs, you may find it of interest.

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