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Hair Play Set and Seal

Hairplay Salon Set and Seal Hairplay Set and Seal is a product combo that consists of a setting lotion and shine serum. Created by Fritz Clay of Hairplay Salon, the set is great for all hair types and textures. Set also comes in three different forumlas:  light for straight or wavy hair, medium for curly hair, and extra for unruly hair.

I gave both a try and liked them. Both work well at controlling frizz and Set worked well for me both when using a flat iron and when I curled my hair. It basically gave me a nice amount control, without feeling like I had a ton of product in my hair. I also particularly loved Seal, which is a nice basic shine serum that left my hair looking great when I used the flat iron.

Overall, this a is a nice duo for just about any type of styling.

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